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voip--it's still a buzzword. see? yahoo! knows.

looks like yahoo! just bought voip company dialPad, so, we'll have to see where this goes.

does that mean we can expect to see some googlePhone services, soon? google has been paying attention to the way yahoo! and search.msn do things for awhile, now.

it's bound to happen, it's always just been a question of when--databases are cool--someone's always gonna be building ever-more-massive databases on anything humans (and corporations, which imho are very much alive and working to preserve their 0wn self interests) find to be of interest or use.

if you can't tell, i've got mixed feelings about these mergers, growths, and expansions. one the one hand, we could possibly reap the benefits of these incredible new services and technologies. but, on the other hand, corporations often limit these new technologies in fear of losing control or not making enough money with them, so it's not always (always not?) a good thing.


0wn yourself

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