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landline wireless or cellular pots?

tnw is talking about it. btfusion is an interesting blend of residential landline service and combination wireless phone. the handset (at least the first choice) looks like it's going to be a motorola, and it will supposedly be able to hop back and forth between cellular networks and a voip connection at home (or in the office).

they've got a little wireless hub that you plug into your lan or pc, and while i haven't seen any hard-and-fast tech specs on the five-sixty, it's apparently going to be 'quad band' which can mean more than one thing depending on who you talk to. but, theoretically, you could operate over european and american gsm networks, as well as american cmda networks, and maybe even anolog (amps) towers as well. they don't really elaborate, but i'm sure it will come out soon enough.

definitely a cool idea. i can't wait to see if they implement it properly. and if the rates are gonna be worth it.

now, they just need to figure out how to make it work as a sat phone, too, so you really could take it everywhere.


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