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nanotech news names nifty new molecule marks making mobiles minute

god, i just _love_ those guys over at this time, it's a boon to nano.

nanotechnology is one of the most promising fields in modern science, showing potential for great advances in fabrication and engineering, computing and data storage, communications, medicine, almost anything you can think of.

if you've never heard of nano, just think about it like legos--but instead of little plastic blocks, their moving around individual _atoms_.

nanotech's nothing new, really, as a concept, anyway, but it's only really been picking up speed the past decade or so. lately, they've been learning some cool new tricks, as well as some new toys. check out atomic force microscopes and scanning tunneling microscopes if you're curious.

once it matures to a level where programmable, self-replicating 'nanobots' for lack of a better word are possible and/or the government realizes the implications, we'll probably see a massive lockdown spring into place. government restrictions on nanotech could easily be in the same class as weapons of mass destruction.

the potential (for good, not just bad) is staggering. but i guess we'll just have to wait and see if the technology keeps trotting along.

me? i think they ought to build home nano kits, just like legos, and we could mix and match with our friends. open source it!



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