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too much slashdot (/.) goodness to talk about...

so, i know i pimp slashdot _way_ too much, but that's just because they come up with _so_ many good stories. and today is no different.

they're talking about the eff's anonymity program called tor. and they mention a bbc story about the singing robot benches that are being installed at cambridge. cmdrtaco points to his page on mame arcade cabinets and how cool they can be. hp's coming out with a new pa-risc processor, promising more speed for it's high end servers. nasa's new administrator's firing like twenty people (and more may follow). and my personal favourite--the underhanded c contest, where the goal is to create normal-looking, readable, apparently innocent code that will wreak some kind of havoc. i'm curious to see which clever hack will be the weiner.

keep your eyes peeled.


0wn yourself

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