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google been reading neuromancer?

google (an entity which i like to talk about) has announced plans for how it wants to end up. and it sounds strangely like the end of neuromancer.

apparently, they are envisioning a sort of artificial intelligence to interpret, understand, and respond to queries. hmm.

there are about a million different directions this topic could bleed into, but right now, i simply don't have the time. i will continue this later.


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what happened to my heroes?

i knew better. i really did. i mean, i've _seen_ the first two, haven't i? i knew.

but i went anyway.

x-men 3:the last stand. sigh.... i can't claim to be the nerdiest of x-men nerds. after all, they're older than me. but i do have my fair share (and probably a few other shares) of useless marvel trivia stored up here and that story just didn't sit very well with me.

maybe i'm wrong. maybe there's some part of the story that i was never exposed to. maybe there are more important things i should be worrying about, but i'm offended. my childhood legends (and many others' before me) seem to have be exploited by hollywood.

i've gotta stop right now....


lemme know how you feel, ok?


the local 'zine scene

shouts to one of my new favourite projects--the denver zine library.

this is one of the coolest projects i've seen in awhile. a simple idea, but a great one. at present, they've got over six and a half thousand zines from all over the place, on just about any topic you can think of.

the zines are all donated, and the library itself is run by volunteers, but from what i can tell, it's growing by leaps and bounds. so, shouts guys--keep up the good work.

and if you have a zine you want to get out there, give 'em a copy. let ppl hear your voice.

if you live in the area, you might think about volunteering, and if you don't, maybe you could start your own local library of independent media.

it's a good thing.



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welcome back stank

stankDawg is baaack...

and i'd just like to say it's good to have you back. and i also wanna say thanks to blackRatchet and strom carlson for keeping binrev radio going this whole time.

they've got a good community at binary revolution. if you've never been there, you should check it out.

and (on a side note) there's now a ddp blawg.

anyway, that's it--shouts where they belong (you know who you are)...


sony + playstation3 + greedy = sad cid

sony, sony, sony...

you've done it again--i'm simultaneously amazed by your technical prowess and your overwhelming lack of touch with your customer base.

there was a time, when the only thing that worried me about the ps3 was the funny looking boomerang controller.

the cell processor has shown itself to be more than sufficient for truly crunching some numbers. integrated wireless. the blu-ray next gen storage promised plenty of storage, plus the nifty (supposedly screwdriver-tested scratch-proof) coating that tdk makes for them.

it all looked so good.

and then the prices were announced. i don't know who sony thinks they are, but i think that's outrageous. i would be willing to put up with all their silly drm-loving proprietary (you've-gotta-buy-it-from-us) attitude only so far. and five or six hundo is a bit too far, methinks.

is it gonna be cool? prolly.

am i gonna find out? prolly.

am i gonna drop half a grand to hop on the next gen wave?

playstation and me are gonna be buddies no more.

i've got no doubt that the hardware's gonna be impressive, and the games will almost certainly be sweet, but there's no way i'm doing the retail thing at that price. used--a price drop--whatever, but i think sony's been a little more pretentious than usual with this one.

i guess we'll see.


p.s. pardon the rant, but it's been building awhile and it hadda come out somewhere.