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tao of cid viscous

tao of cid viscous
so, i was watching one of intel's wireless technology blueman group commercial's the other day. i'm sure you know what i'm talking about (if you're ever around a tv..)...

anyway, one of the bloo doods hopped on this flying rocket-board thingy and went surfing off into the air. but one of the other azul hombres whips out this remote control with a wicked stop button (which he pushes), sending the former sprawling.

i just got to thinking about what that metaphor could symbolize to different people. what i came up with made me laugh--many people (average jane and john users) buy wireless stuff, not realizing, or at least not realizing how to configure it properly, well, it's sort of like having a remote control to your machine.

and if you don't know where the remote is, there's a good chance that someone else could find it.

watch your b's and g's boys and girls...



tao of cid viscous

have you seen the new 2600, yet? it's a good one. love the bush on the cover.


tao of cid viscous

tao of cid viscous

i'm smiling 'cause i'm happy...



tao of cid viscous

wired ran an article recently which got me thinking.

nuclear technology has long had a stigma of being unstable and of producing nasty byproducts. but we take for granted what we know about combustibles and keep on holding up the status quo.

coal, gasoline, even natural gas and diesel pour out a huge amount of toxic material everyday. and coal power plants don't just leave radioactive goo in tightly sealed buckets (which we still don't know what to do with). these nasty byproducts are spewed straight into the air.

and don't kid yourself. a lot of the crap coming out of those big smokestacks, and the ford parked in your driveway are just as radioactive as those aforementioned buckets of goo.

bottom line--we have to do something. i'm not saying nuclear is our only option, but at least the waste is something under our control--after that carbon and those noxious gases are ejected into the biosphere, they just float around and do whatever they want.

and so many of the other 'alternative power sources' are too unreliable, or too inefficient. that's no reason to give up, though. in fact, this should be a sign, a wake up call. we've got to pump more resources into education.

and not just the kids, either. starting them young is paramount, but we've got to fight the idea that old dogs can't learn new tricks. we need to teach society as a whole. begin dealing with our problems instead of living with them...

a long time ago, when i was young, i remember reading a book with fantastic predictions about what the future would hold for us. oh, some of the ideas were far fetched, but some of them have already come true.

anyway, one in particular stands out in my mind. the idea was to take a long polymer 'banner' for lack of a better word, and affix many piezoelectric strips or plates to it. the bottom would be anchored to the ocean floor. the top tethered to a buoy. suspended upright, fields of these could be planted, and the movement of the tides would generate power.

i've thought about this idea more than you'll ever know, and whether it would be feasible or not i do not know, but my point is, we've got to act. we know we are killing our planet, not to mention messing things up for ourselves and our progeny, but there are other choices.

take a stand. talk to your friends, write to your congressmen and women, educate yourselves. we've got to take responsibility. to step up and face our challenges. that is the only way we will ever grow as a race. the human race.

if you've got something to say, make a post, or hit me up at


the rants of a boy named cid

the rants of a boy named cid

happy VD, er uh V-Day everybody!!!



the rants of a boy named cid

let the ranting continue...

i've decided we should colonize. plenty of people would go. i would.

it just makes sense. for so many reasons--we're already starting to feel the pressures of overpopulation (granted, there's plenty of room here on earth provided we are willing to give up certain ways of doing things. we're not out of room yet, but our planet is more crowded than it used to be...), the massive efforts such a campaign would almost certainly be good for just about everyone's economic situation, for the scientific knowledge and insight which would be gained by having first hand human experiences with parts of the universe almost completely new and uncharted (or at least unvisited), not to mention the most obvious reason of all--survival.

in this age of nuclear warheads and hostile artifical biochemical agents the thought of our own extinction has crossed many a page, screen, and verse. and on the other hand we've got natural disasters and collisions with heavenly bodies to be worried about, too, so i guess it's just like the old saying goes--don't have all your eggs in one basket.

starting small is in order, yes. we've got a lot to learn, no doubt about it, but slow is not the way to go. we've got the technology, let's use it. we'll put a city on the moon, first, then as soon as we've got a stable colony here in our backyard, we need to put a little distance between our baskets--i.e. mars.

the more places we reach out to establish ourselves in, the stronger we will be as a race. also, human cultures will change and develop. it's time we stopped treating these contemporary concepts as naive, unrealistic science fiction, and started putting our ideas to the test, exploring the limits of what it means to live. we need to make the most of what we have available as a whole, instead of meddling in the affairs of the unenlightened and the ignorant.

i don't know, maybe i'm just young and simple, but there is a better way of doing things, we should do it the better way. money or pride or laziness or tradition should not stand in the way. there are so many people who just don't belive....


Ci Dviscous

viscous, cid

so, i was surfing around and i found this--

Free META Tag Help Analyzer
--thought it was pretty cool. hope it comes in handy.


viscous, cid

okay, so the cable companies offer internet and phone service. now, the phone companies are getting ready to offer 'cable' over the phone network. so, what's the rub?

well, they're still governed by different regulatory bodies. it is this author's opinion that since both sides can now do the same thing, they should be held to the same standards. even the playing field, you know?

great. so, should the telcos be treated like the cable guys, or should cable get treated like the rest of the telecoms? personally, i think there should be a new regulatory commission to control both with a new set of rules and regs, more adapted to the era we live in.

and while we're at it, the cell phone carriers should be brought under the same jurisdiction--i mean they _are_ a communications industry, right? why do they get all this freedom to screw people over. your cell phone connects to the same internet as your broadband powered computer, your calls routed over the same phone network that's been in place for decades.

i think we've been too blinded by price wars and marketing campaigns to keep sight of the real prize, the real goal of telecommunications--communication.

the technology could go a lot farther if the companies who control the different infrastructures would simply stop squabbling and trying to squeeze their customers for extra change and concentrate on making the best, most, flexible, reliable networks, and giving consumers the tools and access to actually utilize these networks.

the deciding factor needs to be the performance of the technology, not the flash of the marketing departments. at least i think it makes more sense that way.

hit me up.



viscous, cid

ok. call me crazy, but the bush admin's plan for fixing social security doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. as i understand it, they spent our money.

now, i may be a simple creature, but i don't care how much of a 'gain' this new plan will 'create' you can't stretch it out far enough to cover the difference.

bottom line is the money is not there. the only way to fix the system is to put the money back, or pick and choose who's eligible, or to spread it around evenly.

now, the second and third choices wouldn't really fix the problem because someone's still getting screwed--either some people get cut off completely or everybody gets whittled down a little (nevermind that ss doesn't pay enough as it is...)

the first suggestion would fix the system, given the assumption that we _can_ put the money back. where's that gonna come from!?

anyway, i gotta stop before i get myself really lathered, so... lemme know whatcha think.