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ok. call me crazy, but the bush admin's plan for fixing social security doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. as i understand it, they spent our money.

now, i may be a simple creature, but i don't care how much of a 'gain' this new plan will 'create' you can't stretch it out far enough to cover the difference.

bottom line is the money is not there. the only way to fix the system is to put the money back, or pick and choose who's eligible, or to spread it around evenly.

now, the second and third choices wouldn't really fix the problem because someone's still getting screwed--either some people get cut off completely or everybody gets whittled down a little (nevermind that ss doesn't pay enough as it is...)

the first suggestion would fix the system, given the assumption that we _can_ put the money back. where's that gonna come from!?

anyway, i gotta stop before i get myself really lathered, so... lemme know whatcha think.


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