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tao of cid viscous

tao of cid viscous
so, i was watching one of intel's wireless technology blueman group commercial's the other day. i'm sure you know what i'm talking about (if you're ever around a tv..)...

anyway, one of the bloo doods hopped on this flying rocket-board thingy and went surfing off into the air. but one of the other azul hombres whips out this remote control with a wicked stop button (which he pushes), sending the former sprawling.

i just got to thinking about what that metaphor could symbolize to different people. what i came up with made me laugh--many people (average jane and john users) buy wireless stuff, not realizing, or at least not realizing how to configure it properly, well, it's sort of like having a remote control to your machine.

and if you don't know where the remote is, there's a good chance that someone else could find it.

watch your b's and g's boys and girls...


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