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okay, so the cable companies offer internet and phone service. now, the phone companies are getting ready to offer 'cable' over the phone network. so, what's the rub?

well, they're still governed by different regulatory bodies. it is this author's opinion that since both sides can now do the same thing, they should be held to the same standards. even the playing field, you know?

great. so, should the telcos be treated like the cable guys, or should cable get treated like the rest of the telecoms? personally, i think there should be a new regulatory commission to control both with a new set of rules and regs, more adapted to the era we live in.

and while we're at it, the cell phone carriers should be brought under the same jurisdiction--i mean they _are_ a communications industry, right? why do they get all this freedom to screw people over. your cell phone connects to the same internet as your broadband powered computer, your calls routed over the same phone network that's been in place for decades.

i think we've been too blinded by price wars and marketing campaigns to keep sight of the real prize, the real goal of telecommunications--communication.

the technology could go a lot farther if the companies who control the different infrastructures would simply stop squabbling and trying to squeeze their customers for extra change and concentrate on making the best, most, flexible, reliable networks, and giving consumers the tools and access to actually utilize these networks.

the deciding factor needs to be the performance of the technology, not the flash of the marketing departments. at least i think it makes more sense that way.

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