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0wn yourself


isracast - do it yourself hydrogen?

the new technology from isracast is promising to make hydrogen cars easier. and affordable.

i hope so.


the six dumbest security practices

i don't necessarily agree with all the viewpoints, but this brings up some interesting points.


0wn your security practices b4 they pwn u

hbo poisoning bittorrent

according to this article on, hbo is poisoning bittorrent by running bogus peers which claim to have a file, but actually send out bunk data chunks (which slows the progress of the download).

pretty smart. dirty, but smart.


the life artificial

this pdf tells about the plan for artificially spawning new life. interesting.


0wn your nucleic acids

msh (microsoft command shell)

arstechnica has an article about the new microsoft command shell (msh) and i've gotta say i'm impressed. it looks like somebody over at redmond actually thought about it.




well, if we can't get off internal combustion, maybe we could at least get on the ethanol train.



mastercard announces no-touch rfid credit cards

mastercard has announced plans to deploy no-touch radio frequency credit cards.

they better do a good job.


who's 0wned _your_ wallet?

sun's open source drm project

yup. you read it correctly. it said sun microsystems is working on an open source digital rights management. i know this is kinda old, but it deserves a link, at the very least.

lemme know what _you_ think...


faster than the speed of light?

a team of european researchers claims to have influenced the speed of light--specifically slowed light traveling down a fiber, and also sped it up (apparently faster than light's s'posed to go).

this could be cool.

i wanna see optical computing--optical wavelength processors rather than semiconductors, fiber optics everywhere, stunning optically piped displays. oooooooohh...


0wn yourself

i wanna get some blades

i want blades. like the ones by cubix or ibm or sun.

blade servers powering a blade pc setup threaded throughout my house. a massive raid array.

anyway, i want some kind of cluster. it just seems like the way to go. if it works so wonderfully well for things like video rendering, why can't we use it for normal stuff like running os'es simultaneously, or making better versions of games?

forget dual core. i want a dodecahedral core.


titan - an intriguing possibility

this article at space dot com talks about the changing section of opinion regarding the location and possibility for extra terrestrial life.

see, titan's pretty cold, chillin' out there with saturn, but if you think about extremophiles (or creatures which live in extremely inhospitable environments--i.e. boiling or freezing temperatures, or environments with extreme ph or salinity).

in particular, a particular kind of extremophile, a psychrophile (here's the wiki) could thrive in the frozen temperatures of titan.

now, don't get me wrong, here. i don't necessarily think this is like some major breakthrough or anything. so far it's all speculation, but it would be pretty cool if we found some crazy bacteria living on another planet (in our own back even).

the reason i'm glad--the reason i'm posting this, is because at least people are starting to think about things like this again. at least it's a topic. science took a backseat for awhile, and i think that's starting to change. at least i hope.


the tsa claims they can't access their own database

maybe they need some help...

effector newsletter talks about the tsa and their scramble to deal with this latest database they've collected.

after hundreds of requests for information they (sort of) started to comply, though now they say they lack the ability to search the database by keyword, and apparently they've already deleted a big chunk.



olsen finally made it

gotta give shouts to this guy--greg olsen--the first space tourist. that's hot.


0wn yourself