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titan - an intriguing possibility

this article at space dot com talks about the changing section of opinion regarding the location and possibility for extra terrestrial life.

see, titan's pretty cold, chillin' out there with saturn, but if you think about extremophiles (or creatures which live in extremely inhospitable environments--i.e. boiling or freezing temperatures, or environments with extreme ph or salinity).

in particular, a particular kind of extremophile, a psychrophile (here's the wiki) could thrive in the frozen temperatures of titan.

now, don't get me wrong, here. i don't necessarily think this is like some major breakthrough or anything. so far it's all speculation, but it would be pretty cool if we found some crazy bacteria living on another planet (in our own back even).

the reason i'm glad--the reason i'm posting this, is because at least people are starting to think about things like this again. at least it's a topic. science took a backseat for awhile, and i think that's starting to change. at least i hope.


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