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so, i'm not sure how i feel about this trend in the way blogs and bloggers are being referred to in the major media channels. and now the feds are itchin' to legislate.

actually, i guess i shouldn't feel torn on the matter. free speech should overrule any objections of _any_ political party. it's just that simple. the rights of the people have to be upheld. it's what this country was founded for.

there are too many freedoms being taken away with a simple phrase--"well, since nine/eleven..."

it's ridiculous. simple things like taking photos, or putting a link on a web page can get you in legal hot water. we've got to start standing up for ourselves before it's too late. each basic right they take away is a vital threat. the more we give up, the more they'll try and take. we need to step up and take america back.

and let me be clear, when i say we. i'm talking about we, the thinking part of the population. people who learn. people with open minds. the people who choose to make up their own minds. we, as americans, and as conscious individuals have a duty not to let these liberties go by the wayside.

for decades, writers have described dark futures, and persecution's always abounded in other lands. but this is america. that sort of ignorance has never held ground for long in this country. it's up to us, but if we keep our wits, work together, and stay brave in the face of adversity, maybe we can protect us from ourselves.

if you know what i mean.


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