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teh 31337 Elitests of Leetsbury Hi11s

teh 31337 Elitests of Leetsbury Hi11s

what would america be like if the 'lite were rich, instead of the Elite? what if democracy extended equally through the layers that make up our society? what if we had a say in _EVERYTHING_?

what if people obtain their money and resources based on _what_ they know and can do instead of _who_? what if resources were doled out to those with good ideas, as opposed to those with good connections?

what would happen if school for anything were free (and easily accessible)--would people follow their dreams?

what if our government was open sourced? what if we could take it apart and put it back together to see how it worked?

what would happen to america if everybody had the means and the time to do nothing but the things they loved doing? would we create new wonders or fall into the traps we create for ourselves?

what would happen to the world if america became better? how would the world react if we put our affairs in order? would they take their cues from us? would they still hate us for the things we've done? would we still meddle in the rest of the world's doings?

is it safe not to?

what would happen to our kids if we taught them the things that they were interested in and good at? if we foster and nurture the curiosities of children when they're young, would more people grow up loving to learn?

how far can we go?

will we make it that far?

what would happen to corporations if consumers stood up to them en masse? would they bow to the will of the people or attempt to withstand the siege?

what if all the mom-and-pops, all the upstarts refused to sell out?

what if everybody who only does what makes them happy started to only do what makes others happy?

what if politicians were held responsible for their actions? what if the rich were held accountable for theirs? what if there were no lawyers? what if we didn't need them? what if the laws were clean and simple? what if there weren't laws just for the sake of laws?

what would happen to the lazy dog if the brown fox wasn't quite quick enough?

how long will moore's law hold true? is it sustaining the revolution or holding it back?

how far can technology go? how far can it take us along? how far should we allow it to go?

what will happen to america if we don't open our eyes?

when will the money and power realize that credentials are not equivalent to skills or abilities? when will the right people be put into the right places? and when will the _wrong_ people be REMOVED from the right places?

when will every place be the right place?

is it too much to ask?? am i alone??

i hope not.


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