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so, i know i'm always pimpin' tnw, and normally, i've never had any issue with shelley olhava's writings, but in this article, she's flat out wrong, imo.

yes, people are doing things with the device that sony didn't intend to do with it. yes, some of the techniques learned _could_ be used for piracy, but does that guarantee that people will pirate games? no (though, some people are gonna pirate games (and music and movies...) as long as there are games out there to pirate.. it's just human nature). does sony have the right to tell people what they can do with the consoles they puchased? depends on who you talk to.

should they? in the opinion of this author, hells no! just because sony designed and built the psp, doesn't give them the final say in how people use them--that's ridiculous. that's like the phone company telling you exactly how you can use your a second.

but, seriously, that's crazy. it's not right to tell someone they _have_ to use a device they paid for a certain way. that's a complete stifling of creativity.

going back to the phone, bell wanted to play music over the phone lines. what would our world be like, now, if he'd gotten his way, and nobody could talk over the phone? or if you could talk, but nobody was ever allowed to have a modem?

that's what technology is all about. it builds and expands and then uses itself to build and expand some more. it's an exponential curve based on finding out new things using everything that everyone who came before you has already found out.

it's life.

change, movement, growth. sony didn't develop all the technology that the psp is built on, they merely assembled the pieces and ideas. and in that respect, all the ideas and expectations for how and what the device would be capable of, and how it would be carried out, were based largely on the ideas and requests of gamers. that's right, the gamers. people who spend their hard earned money on them, spend hours of their lives using them everyday.

its the end user who _really_ uses the console. it's the user, whose ideas (and money) paved the way for this console. it's the user who owns the playstation portable, not sony.

if they don't wanna support us, then so be it. but we're still going to take our toys and tinker with them 'til they do exactly what we want them to do. so, next time, stop and think about whose rights are _really_ being squeezed.

tinkering with your station might void your warranty or violate your tos or something. you might not get any official support from sony, but that DOES NOT mean that homemade games and utilities will be any less fun.



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