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big music's still out for blood

called a 'campaign of terror' by technewsworld, i'm afraid i have to agree. the situation is getting out of control.

nobody can seem to agree with everyone else. the music industry says that people are stealing (and they're right, in some cases) but they're lumping all forms of filesharing and downloading together and making it out to be some kind of terrorist act.

what about the ppl downloading something to find new music or check something out to buy it. there are a lot of ppl out there who have found new bands (which they went out and supported) because they stumbled across 'em on p2p networks. there are disagreeing studies out there about the effects of filesharing on album sales, and according to several of them, above a certain breaking point (it was something like 600,000, downloading actually _helps_ increase record sales. and below that point (which would represent independent bands not under the big music umbrella) it would actually do harm.

but there are other studies showing how sharing helps the little unknown bands by getting them out there, getting exposure in a world heavily dominated by a very few extremely large corporations.

who's a boy to believe?

and now, the supreme court has ruled that p2p nets are liable for what people do with their services.

how insane is that? if a criminal uses a phone to talk about a crime he's planning, do they get to go after the phone company for letting it happen? if someone uses a smith & wesson to shoot someone, does someone from their company go to jail?

i sure hope that we can get our act together pretty soon.


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