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powerPC no more?

according to tech news world (which kicks ass, btw), apple is talking about dropping the powerPC platform, made by ibm and if i'm not mistaken, developed partially by motorola as well, in favor of an intel setup.

i don't quite know how to feel about that. on the one hand, my biggest beef with apple has always been the closed, proprietary crap they like to pull, and it'll be interesting to see a mac built out of regular pc components.

but somehow it just feels like they're doing the right thing for the wrong reason. from what i've been hearing, the powerPC architecture has really come a long way. i mean, they don't have smoking clock speeds, but they seem to do just fine.

and the cell microprocessor (ibm, toshiba, sony) looks like it's gonna kick ass for real.

number crunching math coprocessor slaves are a good thing.

but it's like i've been saying for years, now--we've been teaching these architectures new tricks for decades, and while they _do_ keep getting better and better (moore's law and all that), it's still based on old technology. the basic idea of a processor hasn't been redesigned in way too long.

and different companies have their fortes (not to mention different business agendas) so, it prolly won't happen any time soon, but intel, ibm, amd and several other companies need to put their heads together, take everything they've learned in the past ten or fifteen, and do it right.

think about it--we could _SHATTER_ moore's law. we could be living in the jetson's world. and i want a rosy, dammit!

well, apple, i guess we'll see what happens. keep your eyes open, everybody.


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