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china's still trying to police their little corner of the internet..

cnn mentioned it. china is still attempting to control the data that passes through their part of the internet.

'pirates' who gain access through alternative means (wireless over the border, satellites, packet radio, etc.) are the only _real_ connection the chinese people have to the internet.

the chinese government already has the major backbone routers under their control, filtering content and access to their liking. and it's been that way for awhile.

it's important that these 'pirates' (patriots?) can get their voice out because it provides the world with a better picture of what is going on under the scene. like many governments, the chinese already 0wns the major media, and by controlling the main traffic routers, they can almost shut down the average citizen voice, replacing it with whatever passive message they wish.

theres a great (if hard to understand) presentation from one of the hope conferences (by bill xia) you can listen to in order to get a better view of _how_ this lockdown has happened and how they enforce it.

learn something, today.


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