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amd's anti-intel antitrust action

amd has filed an antitrust suit against intel, it seems.

japan warned intel ahile back. maybe a couple of months.

the problem they have with intel is similar to the problems people had with microsoft for years--bullying companies into agreements to buy _only_ their products.

me? i'm all about choices. i want lots of competition, lots of options.

and besides that, what's going on with the x86 architecture, anyway? we need to seriously rethink the way we put computers together.

and we need to rethink the way we're constructing architectures as well. powerPC, at least, is getting some muscle grafted onto it.

where's the steroid-pumped x86 mutants? i wanna see a dual core, hyperthreaded, short-pipeline master with a dozen high speed risc number crunchers slapped on the bottom.

intel, you need to quit grubbing for money and give us something groundbreaking. that's what capitalism is about (er, is s'posed to be about, anyway). give us something truly new (and good!) and we'll buy it.

amd trounced intel in the sixty-four bit market, but they're catching up. but, like i said, that's not the point.

it's time for something new. somebody's gonna give it to us. whoever does it will be getting paid. but getting labelled as an 'evil corporation' isn't good for business.


i can't really say how much truth there is to this, but my gut tells me amd prolly has a point. but we'll be watching..


0wn your architecture.

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