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vanderpool presidio lagrande pacifica virtualization and other hardware security ideas

eweek's talking about it. french site configspc has a pretty good article that google or babelfish will translate for you.

hardware security, in combination with properly implemented os level software certainly could be used to make some tight boxes, but it smells of proprietarity (if that's even a word). i just hope that by having both amd with pacifica and presidio and intel with vanderpool and lagrande the market will be able to keep it's options open.

and by that i mean that if these are properly implemented and create viable security enhancements, the open-source community (i.e. linux and bsd and all the other unish flavours) will be able to take advantage of, and not only the entities which have the resources to pay obscene licensing.

but i have no fear. the open source community has always landed on its feet, and i've no doubt that it will continue to grow and enrich our lives, not just giving us software, but giving us a new paradigm, showing a new way to commune with each other, to take care of each other.

we'll see.


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