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0wn yourself


what do these guys do, listen to old binrev and rfa?

is the cnn tech department just hurting for stories, or are they really that far behind the times? stank (among others) have pointed out time and time again how much google knows about you. and pretty much everyone else, for that matter...

i don't see how this is even a question. of course they're gonna store data--it's their effing job! that's what they _do_. that's why it's so important to not do anything stupid (or at least not do it under the watchful eye of anyone keeping any kind of database), and to be _aware_ of the kind of data collected by these services.

as far as the law enforcement part--that's life. any database can be subpoenaed. part of living under the us legal system. but as to the part about google hacking--the use of cleverly structured queries to obtain knowledge contained within the database, though not necessarily the most easily accessible through regular public means.

i guess that sounds kinda sinister, but really, it's just about being smart with the way you use a tool.

and as far as cnn--you're a little behind the times...


0wn yourself

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