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the site downhill battle has some good info. they're all about making a better music industry.

the time is coming soon when the music industry (in the form it's existed for years) will have to change. artists and musicians get raw deals from the big companies. technology is exploding. it's here, now.

people can buy a computer and some home audio equipment and press an album on par (some would disagree) with 'professional' label records. people have realized this.

people are also starting to realize that there's a lot of media out there, and if you have something to say, it's relatively easy to get it out there, get read or listened to or looked at or played or whatever. there are simply too many options out there for us to allow one voice (e.g. clearchannel) to tell us who's kool, or what to listen to (over and over and over again).

so, anyway, before i get lost on a rant, i'll shut up. go out and find new media. turn off the tv. get off the clearchannel stations. open your eyes.

there's a lot of good stuff out there. check the am dial, buy a shortwave, check out pbs, get a scanner, watch video on the internet, listen to podcasts (i know, i know) and internet radio shows, read. read. my god, i can't emphasize that enough. america needs to read.

go for a walk, watch a play, be in a play, WRITE a play, draw a picture, go to the museum there is _so_ much knowledge and culture and wonderousness out there. take part.

it's becoming clear that the industry is going to have to change. it's just too easy to distribute media. perfect digital copies can be downloaded for minimal resources (an internet connection and some blank discs?). nobody can seem to agree with anybody else, but one thing's for sure, the technology is not just going to go away. it's only going to build on itself, to become more connected, there will be more and more choices and it will become easier and easier to find new things. people are going to be exposed to this 'new media' and i'm ecstatic.

in the famous words of stank dawg (and many country dwellers b4 him)--you can't put the shit back in the horse.


and some indy media links....

mp3 dot com
off the hook
basenet radio
radio freek america
binary revolution radio
mc chris
pure pwnage

or use your favourite search engine


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