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c0nnected 2 cid Viscous

c0nnected 2 cid Viscous

there's just too much unhappy nonsense in the news right now for me to even think clearly about it, much less write anything useful. the whitehouse is readying itself for supreme court vacancies--the way things have been going, i'm almost okay with the vacancies. i'm sure you heard about the sicko who used his daughter as a shield in a gunfight. the democrats want rove fired (i'd say something now, but i'm still collecting my thoughts--i'm so mad about this whole thing that...never mind. you'll hear about it soon enough). and we're still calling for ppl to give up the war criminals who were responsible for srebrenica genocide. and israel is gonna hit us up for more money, or so the headlines are saying.

a fun day, eh?


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