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i'm glad i waited..

i'm glad i waited to write anything about this, because i'm mad. and i was madder not too long ago.

rove's lawyer said that he talked about plame, but didn't name her.

now we're headhunting, as we should be, i s'pose. but rather than hanging ourselves a scapegoat to make us all feel better (okay, maybe scapegoat's the wrong word--traitor? saboteur?), we should be addressing the underlying problems with the situation.

1. and i believe it has been dismissed too soon--judy miller went to jail to protect her witness. that, in and of itself, says a lot about her. i've gotta give her shouts for that. capitalistic warmonger she may be, but at least she's sticking to her journalistic guns here.

2. what was some whitehouse douchebag like rove doing knowing cia secrets in the first place? if we can't trust the people who are s'posed to be running this country, what are we going to do?

3. what does all of this say to the person who's waivering on coming forward with the info they know. really it all comes back on the citizens. it's our country, we're the ones (as a whole) who make everything go 'round. we're ultimately the ones who have the power (though most of us don't realize it). precedents are being made, here, and i don't want to think about a world where i can't speak my voice and expose the injustices i see for fear of going to jail. i guess anonymous is going to have a whole new meaning...


think about your world

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cid said...

i just wanted to clarify that _i_ don't personally consider ms. miller to be a 'capitalistic warmonger' but i wanted to bring up that side of the argument. counterpunch had an interesting article talking about the conflict of interests surrounding her (her book, her sources, and the times), but i digress. i haven't read enough of her work to form my own definitive opinions about the woman, but i wanted people to be aware that while i commend her for doing the right thing, she may not be doing it for the right reasons. and then again she may.

but one thing's for sure, the government's going about this all wrong.

americans don't seem to mind much when our rights are stripped slowly, quietly, one-by-one, but we will not stand by quietly while freedom of speech and freedom of the press are ripped from us. these (along with all the freedoms of the bill of rights) are what our country was based on, and i for one am not about to give it up.