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itaniums get new bus

intel is s'posed to be putting in a six hundred and sixty-seven megahertz frontside bus on the new itanium2's.

now, i've never said i know a lot about hardware, but could somebody who does explain to me how they've had 800Mhz fs buses on pentiums for awhile, now, but for itaniums (the server chip) 667 is s'posed to be a big deal?

i've been so impressed with hybrid projects like cell, that i seem to be getting cranky that we're seeing such a slow implementation of new math crunchers and clusters.

multicore is cool, but i wanna see something good. soon. give me some really meaty computing power, so software has to play catch up. then i'll be happy.

--cid Viscous

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Anonymous said...

why did this never make it?