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here's the doj's description of the usapatriot act. what's scary is that it almost sounds like a good thing on their webpage.

just make sure you get the whole scoop (and you understand what it is that they're saying) before you delve too deeply into their marketing campaign.

it's true that the patriot act makes it 'easier' for law enforcement agencies to work together with coordinated effort, but it also violates many of the basic rights our country was built upon.

it basically let's them use the word 'terrorist' to break the laws when they feel it's warranted. now say what you like, but i think that any law enforcement that's public, open, or through the normal course of the system should be held to the same letter of the law that they are trying to uphold.

now, i also realize that the concept of terrorism (and in fact any kind of guerrila warfare) doesn't leave many options for 'playing by the rules' and some of the most effective strategies for dealing with true terrorism are blatantly illegal by our own standards. this creates a conflicting situation.

this creates a need for some kind of black-ops system. special forces, undercover intelligence agents, surveillance equipment, etc. the problem i have with this is that black ops should remain _BLACK_.

i don't wanna hear about it in the news, i don't want to read about it in any credible source. i want tv, books, and movies to be as far as the truth makes it into the public eye.

the problem with the patriot act is that it's not really about true terrorism. it's not about their people, it's about ours. laws like this can make anyone a 'terrorist'. and oops, if you're a terrorist you don't get any rights in this country. you just disappear until you do whatever it is that they want you to do.

who is this conspiracy-theory style 'they' i'm talking about? well, to be blunt it's the government. no, not the whole government--i haven't lost my mind.

the act has two kinds of supporters--those who did it, and those who are going along with it. to be specific, it's anyone who understands the true scary power of the usa patriot act and supports it anyway.

i've personally talked to a lot of people who are in favour of laws like this, and the only explanation i can find is that they read the shiny label on the packaging and then stop. you can't be a freedom-loving, blue-blooded american, read through the text of that bill, and then tell me that you believe in what they're trying to do with it. it's _UNconstitutional_!

if you haven't, go read it. and if you don't have the attention span, go read about it. here's a legal analysis of it.

bad stuff.

bad stuff being played off like it's good stuff.

and people eating it up. scary.


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