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well, they hit it

so, i've been talking about it for awhile. nasa launched six months ago, and they hit it.

for those who haven't heard, yet, nasa shot out a probe like six months ago. this probe lined itself up with tempel 1 (a comet in our solar system) and then released the second part of itself, the impactor, to smash into the side of this comet at like 23,000 miles per hour.

and they hit their target.

now, to some of you that might not sound impressive. you might say, 'well, comets are big--that's like hitting a barn wall.' and to those people i would say that most of them have never flown a remote-controlled airplane, much less a remote controlled spacecraft (doing 23K mph).

at least they hit the damn thing. here's hoping they'll learn a lot because of it. oh, and you can see the flash video here.


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