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dot mobi

heard about .mobi yet? dot info, i like--great idea. dot triple x? *shrugs* eh.. who cares? they're gonna go where they want (and if you force them to move, it opens up the problem of 'how do we draw the line for what's pr0n and what's not?'). dot biz is good. dot art. dot whatever.

for the most part, i'm all about it--more is better. but dot mobi just doesn't seem like a good idea. why? well, first off, i think that sites that have different versions (e.g. html regs and mobile (wml)) shouldn't have to register and maintain two domains. content management systems allow webmasters to make one page which is automatically served up as a mobile of regular version, depending on who's requesting it. no need.

and second, mobile devices are making leaps and bounds. very soon, wml won't really be necessary. we need to concentrate more on cms and network technologies, and bringing mobile products and services up to speed. a new .mobi domain doesn't really fix anything. doesn't hurt anything, either, but, you get the point.

tools like rss can be used to still deliver content even when there's not a fully featured client. like reading the headlines via text messaging, for example.

hopefully, the industry will figure this out soon. late.


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