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the gop (pronounced: gawp) defending their douchebag

according to the washington post, the good ol' grand old republican party are lashing out in defense of karl rove.

i dunno.

i'm still wondering why a cia operative is personally doing briefings to some schmuck like rove, anyhow. that's not very security conscious.

the whole point of a secret operative is to keep them _secret_, no? if she were suspected, she could easily be followed and surveyed, and colour me cynical, but i think it would be pretty damned suspicious to be seen cruising up to the whitehouse, don't you?

maybe i'm missing some of the facts here, but it looks like our government dropped the ball in more than one place.

the cia got caught with it's pants down, now someone's gotta pay. and now it looks like karl rove is the man. and elsewhere....

the highest court in the land lived up to their namesake by doing something very high indeed. they took away some more rights. another freedom.

they took away the freedom for a reporter to protect the anonymity of a witness. might as well revoke doctor patient confidentiality and nicks attorney client privilege while you're at it, guys.

who cares if these revealed sources become targets? who cares if the truth goes untold because someone's too scared they're gonna end up in the spotlight? who cares?

in spite of whatever judy miller might've written, done or said in the past, you've got to give her credit for sticking with her morals on this. that's balls.

but now she's in prison, the presidential cabinet is scrambling to damage control, and the whole thing stinks! it sets another bad precedent.

guys, i know i rant a lot, but can't i just be honest for a moment, here? i know i'm always down on everything and conspiracy theory this, and there go our rights that and whatever. but i love this country.

and dammit, it's our country. if we're not gonna make it better, then who will? i'll try to find some more ways i can make the world better, and i'll try to find some happier things to write about.


oh, yeah--douchebag!!
0wn yourself

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Seal said...

She's in jail because the judge decided that the law that makes revealing undercover ops usurps that to keep journalistic sources confidential (is there even such a law?)

Either way, the US seemingly is becoming more, and more communist every day. FOX [ie. propaganda network]. Journalists sent to jail.