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0wn yourself


gta still in the headlines? c'mon.

i can't believe this is still in the headlines!! (bang-bang)

get over it, ppl.

so they put a little porn scene buried in the code. it's not accessible through normal gameplay and so it shouldn't have anything to do with normal activities, rules and regs surround the game. so what if the code's in there?

if you're just playing the game, you can't see it anyhow. just because it's in the code, doesn't mean that it's part of the normal game. and besides that, it's not a game for kids anyway.

i know, i know, it's (at least it was) legal to by in some places if you were seventeen, and pr0n's only s'posed to be for eighteen or older, but seriously, get over it already.

kids get porn, anyway (not that that one last year really means all that much), but that aside, they've changed the rating--it wasn't part of the publicly released game in the first place, and it's really no big deal. let's drop it.

// end rant //


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