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mirror, mirror in the hole?

researchers at humbolt university have been theorizing about how spinning black holes could act as lenses (and even mirrors!) by bending and pulling light in strange ways.

they made some images of jupiter warped by their gravitational constructs to illustrate their point. cool stuff.

they also brought up the idea that because a spinning black hole would essentially be pulling part of space right along with it (the effect is known as frame dragging), light waves travelling in opposition to the rotation, close to the event horizon would be very close to the break even point. some wouldn't make the cut and would get dragged back from the direction they started, so theoretically an observer at a certain (very, very close mind you) point in space, relative to the black hole, gravity would act as a 'mirror' flinging your own light waves right back at you.

food for thought, neh?

--cid Viscous

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