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0wn yourself


thanks, go0gle. it's good to see you, too.


well, as some of you may know, this site recently got thwacked by google. i was _pretty_ sure it was because of my careless use of a stupid meta tag made by this stupid meta tag generator that i was all excited about. but i realized the error, rectified it, and my suspicions have pretty much been confirmed b/c i'm actually being _indexed_, as opposed to just listed.


anyway, i hope that was it, because my pagerank's probably bad enough without being penalized for keyword spamming (even though it was inadvertant).

very curious stuff. definitely interesting to watch the trends in the search rankings and try to figure out _how_ they're calculating it and _why_ it changes. but right now, at least, the g-word seems to 0wn the web.

oh, well. for a corporation, they seem pretty benign. gotta say, they still seem to be staying true to what they've always been about. not the perfect portal, but they sure get around...


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