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*nix to go

qualcomm recently announced that they'd be adding linux support to their mobile chipset line. if you're anything like me, you're screaming for joy (on the inside) now that you know.

for two reasons. one, that's good for *nix. getting more distros and utilizations out there. and two, it's good for cdma.

for those of you who might not know, qualcomm owns most of the technology that cdma is based on, and they're the largest maker of cdma chipsets, so most cdma handset manufacturers are licensing the technology from qualcomm.

i think nokia had to be stubborn and came up with their own chipset, correct me if i'm wrong. pretty much every other player i know of gets their cdma chips from the qual.

some people disagree with me on this point, but i am a strong believer in cdma. it just plain works better, imo. especially wideband cdma. that stuff'll work just about anywhere (but the spectrum's already been chopped up and divvied out in most places...). public spectrum, i might add.

anyway, i'm stoked to see what cool new toys will be coming out soon with the kernel under the hood.


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