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0wn yourself


googlebot, where are you ? ? ?

0pen your mind

googlebot? goooglebot?! gooooooooooooooooooooooooglebot?!?

so, i guess this site's just not google's not indexing my site properly. i show up with the certain keywords, but just the url--none of the content is indexed, and there are no snippets. (therefore no related, no similar, and only one link showing, though i know there are others...)

no idea why, but it's starting to get old. yahoo's listing me like a champ. i dunno if the g-site just wasn't impressed, or if it's the few-month 'probation period' new sites are s'posed to be held under. (i've had this site inconsistently for several months, now, but it's only recently been linked to and crawled.)

more as i uncover it...


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