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bad times east of the middle

cnn ran a scary story today.

another pair of suicide bombers, and a recording of a man (possibly al-zarqawi) telling bin laden to give the order to set something in motion, etc, etc.

but my whole thing is, if we're gonna be over there, let's be over there with some PRESENCE. if we're gonna go americanize, er.. i mean provide the iraqi people with a stable, democratic, self-sustaining government), then let's process it already. let's get the bad guys, do what we've got to do, and then GET OUR BOYS HOME!!

and if not, then let's just bring 'em home now.

america has enough problems right here on home soil to be in some compromising position halfway around the globe. if we're going to take care of something over there, then why isn't it happening? why can't we catch these guys?

i mean, we trained them, after all. why should we be having such a hard time finding them now?

honestly, it may be none of our business, the whole palestinian/israeli holy war thing. arguably not our war. but, then israel's our ally, and then whole overblown use of the word terrorism, the bush administration. whatever.

we're over there. now, it's up to us to back our people. and color me crazy, but it doesn't exactly seem as if we've been _regulating_ over there.

the one less than ten and one greater than ten attack was such a dramatic media event because it was on our own territory and because it was the first of its kind, really.

but each of these suicide bombings, each soldier killed or kidnapped should affect us all just as much. we are all mixed up in foreign politics, and dammit we better back our people up.

i'm gonna stop before i really get excited, now, but leave a comment, fire off an email, or go out and do something. 0wn yourself b4 somebody else does it for you.


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