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all we have to do is start buying us goods again.... - China to increase export tariffs - May 19, 2005

you know, i think this is a problem we (as americans) could fix ourselves if we would simply do it. all we'd have to do is start buying only american goods and just let the ridiculously better priced chinese goods just rot on the shelf. but the problem is, it's like a boycott--in order to get the superpowers to listen, everybody has to be pretty much unanimous on the matter.

if we simply don't buy from china, or taiwan, or any country that's not the us, all that money will stay here (and prices might even start to go back down in a little while), first of all. and secondly, china would have to pay attention, at least.


i dunno, i guess the world's problems aren't gonna be solved in a day, and who could blame china, anyway? we've just gotta take care of things on our end. kind of a lose-lose situation, you know?

lemme know what'cha think.....


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