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mixed feelings

Justices Overturn Andersen

the post has been hitting 'em, lately. enron's back in the spotlight.

the supreme court overturned the 2002 criminal conviction yesterday. and i don't quite know how i feel.

on the one hand corporations have become nearly autonomous juggernauts of evil, machines controlled be the 'elite' few who hold the reigns. i think there is a lot of corruption in the corporate world, and i think that corruption has spread to influence parts of the government. but, on the other hand....

from what i've read, only about two hundred of something like twenty-eight thousand enron employees still have their jobs. and it's not their fault. it's not their fault that a few of the high-ups were doing stupid stuff, weren't quite slick enough, and now what?

the idea of a corporation was developed as a means of protecting the people involved. i understand why that's a good thing, but don't you think that definition has been taken and stretched to mean something completely different than it was intended?

modern corporations have thousands of people's lives in their hands, affect the lives of millions through their products and services (in good and bad ways), wield budgets on par with _countries_, and shield their owners from liability.

consumers have the real power (money), but usually don't realize it, or can't agree. we, as citizens, need to be more aware of our environment, and i think we need more of the attitude of 'not taking no for an answer'.

i mean, big business is just gonna keep bullying us around and around until we stand up for ourselves and tell them how we want it to be.

get your money's worth, you know?


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