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apple let's the tiger out

so, apple finally release it's new version of osx, tiger, and appleheads everywhere rejoice. s'posed to have two hundred new widget features or something to that effect. personally, i've never had the pleasure, but i've heard some pretty good things about apple's unix-based platform.

i'm curious to hear how ppl like the newest rollout, because they say it's revolutionary in more than one way. slashdot had a thread going that mentioned apple replaced cron with their own module. i've actually heard that a few traditional objects native (and usually essential in one form or another) to *nix environments.

just idle curiosity, i guess, but one of these days i'll get to get down and dirty with one. 'til then.


oh, i almost forgot. did you hear that apple's also suing the thinksecret guy. nick something or other. those die-hard mac nerds are some of apple's biggest fans (not to mention word of mouth advertisers...) talk about stupid pr moves. anyway.... what do i know?

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