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christians, scientologists, and republicans, oh my!

technology news: science: kansas board of education begins evolution hearings

okay, this really bothers me. not because i believe one side is right and the other is wrong. i think they're both wrong...

whether evolution happened the way the scientific community says, or whether the creation theory happened exactly as the christian right says, both are moot points because we _can't prove it_. period.

no matter how convincing the imperical evidence or how strong your religious convictions, there's still no way to prove it. nobody's been around that long. not even close.

and now they're taking sides over it. more precedents. innocent school kids are being caught up in the middle of this crap and now it looks like church and state can't keep separated again.

i say church and state, because in this instance, the scientific community (or at least the loud majority) are behaving the way a religious movement would--there's still no proof, yet there's a raging debate over who's right and which material will be taught as law.

the message we need to be sending to our kids is the opposite. we need to make sure they know to keep an open mind, to explore and learn things for themselves, to make up their own picture of the world.

getting caught up in the norm, or taking what's spoonfed to you as absolute truth can be a very dangerous disposition...


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