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old proc - new tricks

cid Viscous 0wns the world

seen the screenshot, yet? cell, the new (sort of) microprocessor is the brainchild of sony, toshiba, and ibm. (wait, didn't ibm get sold to a chinese conglomerate?)

it's actually not really a new processor, but an old one with some surprisingly impressive grafts. the cell chip starts with a powerPC chip which regulates the control of eight 'synergistic processor elements' for some serious number crunching action. the main processor acts as a sort of brain, delegating heavy math, and repetitive functions to it's eight little slave processors. sort of like a cluster on a chip, if you will.

they demonstrated the power of their new beast by playing forty-eight mpeg-2 video streams simultaneously.

now, that's what i'm screaming--i wanna play doom 3, check my gmail, listen to icp, and watch freedom downtime _while_ i download my favourite internet radio and video broadcasts and talk on my voip phone. and i still want cycles to spare.

more cycles for everyone. free your 'puter...


p.s. and bandwidth. i want more bandwidth. i wanna pipe so fat i can never bog it out, now matter how, hard i try, no matter what i try to download (or upload)...


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