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whatever happened to 'that's my bush'?

bush dividing the country? bush popularity at an all time low?

i even heard that his popularity ratings are equal to those of nixon just before the impeachment. but then nixon didn't have partisan control of every branch, did he? i dunno what's going on here, but it doesn't seem like very many people like the president right now.

you know what i miss, tho..? 'that's my bush'--was it comedy central? yeah, it was trey parker and matt stone, the dudes from south park and orgazmo. i wish that show would've lasted through the presidency.


i'm surprised by the way the country is reacting to this whole disaster thing, though sadly, i'm not all that surprised at how badly the situation turned out.

looting and rioting? snipers? the whole city wiped out? minimal communications. trouble getting in and out. the tsa bumbling around hand searching evacuees (or so the story goes...) from the 'cane.

we (as a country) need to start working as a whole to better ourselves and our land. we need to fortify our defenses and expand our education exponentially. we need to get resources to the people. we need to rethink a few laws, rethink some policies and break down a few barriers.

we need to forget about politics for awhile and work on survival and self preservation and expansion (not necessarily of our borders (at least not on this world) but our abilities and talents and resources, we need to expand). it's time for another renaissance.

i sure do miss that show...


0wn yourself

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