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study shows airlines now safer for terrorists

this excellent article on sierratimes dot com brings up some very good points (after starting with a chilling story of the airline security confiscating the dull pocket knife the author had inadvertantly left in his bag while missing the four (count 'em) four smal combat knives he had in the same carryon bag.

and what's worse is he (or possibly she, actually, i didn't look at who wrote it...) made it through multiple airport screenings, at different airports, going both directions, and all they found is the pocket knife.


or, actually, i s'pose that's all-to-believable these days anyway. oops. there i go again.

i did agree with the logic of the article tho, and the conclusion reached--namely that it's impossible to disarm all of the criminals all of the time, and it's impossible to pick them out all of the time. apparently, it's also very improbable that they could put armed personnel on every flight, and if they did that it could (and prolly would) create an entirely new set of problems (i.e. crazy terrorist flight attendents with guns).

also the solution proposed in the article makes a lot of sense if two conditions are met--a) permit holders are allowed to bring their concealed weapons on all the flights and b) proper gun control and licensing were maintained and (i know, i said two) c) carriers not be identified (singled out) as concealed weapon carriers.

random searches just aren't effective (by any means) and they are also not what this country is supposed to stand for.


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