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the internet all over again - or - how we lost our computers

wired has an article talking about new ititiatives (like geni--the global environment for networking investigations) being funded by the nsf, in an effort to redesign the internet from the protocols up.

while i do agree that tcp over ip technologies (and most of the other protocols out there) leave much to be desired in certain areas, i think the computer industry's done all right for itself with what it's been given. we _do_ need a new set of protocols, but we need to do it right, so it'll be done for the next thousand years.

let's write the 'perfect' set of protocols and the 'perfect os' and just be done with it. easily expandable, serviceable and upgradeable. universal across devices, and linking with new and legacy systems and devices. stable and self-maintaining.

virtually unbreakable.

and then we can just worry about content. doing and creating and consuming knowledge.


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