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sony touts evolving walkman

sony has announced an 'evolving walkman' that will learn certain information about its' users' taste in music, etc. kind of cool (if they do it right (which i doubt they will)), but also potentially kind of scary (if they use the technology to report back (i.e. datamine) with the info it learns about it's owner.

we'll see.



Anonymous said...

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Ontario Emperor said...

Yeah, right.

Ironically, I read this post after spending an entire evening listening to Yahoo! LAUNCHcast, which collects all sorts of information about me and does who knows what with it.

Even though my LAUNCHcast account is not under my real name, Yahoo! could theoretically mine all sorts of data sources (including their own) and connect my music preferences to my social security number or whatever they want to do. However, I believe that general human incompetence will protect us from this Big Brother ubernetwork of data. When one department of the FBI won't talk to another department of the FBI, how will all of these different organizations ever band together to become Big Brother? Just my thoughts, and since I *don't* offer interest free credit, they're probably not worh much... :)