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0wn yourself


passed futures or future's past?

where did all the payphones go?

i saw one yesterday.

i wanted to make a telephone call-

but the payphone ran away.

where did all the cells come from?

i saw one yesterday.

the owner screamed 'hey, where you at?'

and then he was on his way.

what's this mail? this email thing?

i got one yesterday.

this morning i opened my inbox-

and the spam swept me away.

how come letters don't get sent?

they used to make my day.

you'd write and fold and stamp and lick-

and the mailman'd take it away.

how long can this poem go on?

it's getting pretty gay.

getting's just not quite the word-

it started out that way.

where did this inn tar net come from?

it's bigger every day.

it doesn't matter what you're into-

you can find it anyway.

where did all the phone phreaks go?

did the bells chase them away?

who will find the holes in the system-

as they dial numbers and play?

can i stop this from going on?

will it go that way?

what if i can never stop-

and i just--nah. just kidding!! (bang bang)


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