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nlrb says no

no fraternizing. no dating. no parties. no dinner. no ballgames. no friends you work with.

conflict of interests? how 'bout a conflict of morals? what about a conflict of freedoms? who gave these guys the right to tell our employers they can tell _US_ how we spend our _TIME OFF_!?

the national labor relations board has given companies the power to tell their employees who they're allowed to be friends with outside of work, not just when they're there.

pretty soon we're all going to be 'singing the corporate anthem' and shopping at the corporate store--living in corporate authorized housing, visiting doctors the company says we're allowed to visit, buying the things they want us to buy, going the places they want us to go--it's insane!

what are they thinking?

do they not realize that these bonds are the same bonds that are holding their employees together? what do they expect to happen?

are people going to stand for this? this underlines the corporate ideal that intellectual property (read:money) is more important than the people who make the world go round.

i'm livid. i'm gonna stop now, before i write something i regret. tell me what you think.


0wn yourself before somebody does it for you

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