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arrive, survive and thrive... m.a.r.s--mars, bitches!!

looks like the mars foundation are red planet bound. s'posedly, anyhow.

me? i'm glad to see it. i've been screaming it for years, actually. i think we need to get some people off this rock permanently--colonies, generation ships, planetary habitats, free floating space stations--all good ideas at this point.

we've got the technology. we've certainly got the manpower (out of six odd billion, you're bound to get some volunteers). all we need is to get the ball rolling.

we'll learn quickly, i think, once things start to happen, but taking that first initial plunge is the tough part.

that's why i'm so happy to see programs like this (taking the subject serious, with attainable goals in the foreseeable future) and the int'l space station. we need to just start _doing_ it. everybody knows it's the next frontier... and to the 'arrive, survive and thrive' crew, i wish you luck and prosperity.

mars, bitches!!


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