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crm - controller rights management

this is how greedy they are, folks. microsoft will be putting in a system that will reject any peripheral (i.e. controller) not digitally signed by microsoft.

are they doing this to protect the end users' investment? well, no. are they doing it to protect the xbox itself? no? well, maybe they're doing it to ensure that only quality products make it into consumers' homes. wrong again.

they're doing it to force other manufacturers into paying licensing fees for access to a technology implemented to create the need for access. access which can (supposedly) only be given by microsoft.

now you and i both know that the reason i put the word 'suposedly' into that last paragraph is because about ten minutes after they start selling these things, some crafty little hardware hackers somewhere will have reversed the protocol and bypassed the whole scheme.

but in the land of the dmca, will this sort of creative free enterprise even be allowed?

sadly, i think it won't.

--cid Viscous

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