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a convergence of ideas + capabilities

a convergence of several underlying memes, methods, and tools...

  • rapid development tools

    • libraries
    • templates
    • intuitive ide's

  • information retrieval tools

    • heuristics
    • fuzzy logic
    • pattern analysis
    • indexing

  • proliferation of metadata (indeed, the metadata abounds, and grows daily...)

    • networking
    • social networks hooking people up
    • collaboration tools
    • peer to peer
    • distributed computing

  • open source projects

    • volunteer work accomplishes everything
    • various reasons for volunteering

      • the challenge
      • desire to help the cause
      • desire to use the finished product/service
      • to enrich mankind
      • to learn

    • various levels of participation

      • users (when users send feedback, the development process is enriched
      • users mass use by a lot of people flushes out many circumstances for discovering bugs, etc.
      • developers contribute new code to the project
      • artists contribute media (video, audio, images, etc..)
      • debuggers check the existing code for errors
      • everybody helps spread the meme by word of mouth (telling

i've been thinking, right? sites like ebay, and craigslist, and all the match dot coms all work by hooking people up, right? everybody on there either is looking for something or has something to give, yeah, and these sites just play middle man/connect the dots (whichever you wanna call it).

what if that sort of approach was used on things that make up everyday life?

open source/cooperation/volunteer based cars, satellites, power, food, housing, electronics, etc... kind of a crazy thought, i know, but it seems like it would work (if you could get enough people involved to cover all the required inputs (resources, time, knowledge, skills...)).


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