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anti-missile laser beams?

well, they're starting to install (a test batch) of missile defense system on airliners.

basically, it's a little pod with lasers to interfere with the missiles' guidance system. at least, that's what they're saying. two questions that hop immediately into my mind are what types of guidance systems the anti-missile device will handle (and what about non-guided rockets?) and also, what happens to the miq (missile in question) when it's steered safely away from the plane?


don't get me wrong, here--i'm all about cool new technology (and let's face it, missile-defense laser pods on the front of jets are pretty cool) but since we live in a world where money runs everything, should this really be a priority (simply because this is almost certainly going to be very, _very_ expensive and that money could go to other more productive uses).

also, depending on the answers to my above questions, how effective is this actually going to be in it's current incarnation? well, we'll just have to keep our eyes open, won't we?


0wn your anti-missile laser pods

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