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0wn yourself


small steps (a minor social hack for democracy)

next time you buy a product that doesn't live up to its promises, especially a small one, take it back. something you would normally just live with instead of complaining about, not want to make a fuss--take it back.

not for the five bucks. not for the chance to be mean to some salesclerk (unless it happens to be the little fucker who lied to you to get you to buy the damned cell phone in the first place), but for another reason entirely.

the chance to exercise your democratic power through your purchasing power.

whether you're poor or affluent, you (likely) still have _some_ amount of money flowing through your possession, and by taking the trouble to make your purchases count in exactly the way you want them to can help (especially when combined in aggregate with the millions of other people (some of whom are making informed and conscious decisions as well)) to apply pressure for positive change in the right areas.

and then explain (if you have have the opportunity) exactly why you are taking pains to verify just where your money is going. this way, the offending entity gets the chance to experience a real opinion, and others get exposed to this meme in practice (and possibly start being more conscious of _their_ purchases as well).

the other added benefit of this practice is that it simultaneously helps to improve and increase your willpower and self-discipline.


0wn yourself

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